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Ketamine Coach - Michele Magner

Michele Magner

Ketamine Coach / Certified Life Coach / Gerontologist

Certified Ketamine Journey Guide - Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller

Journey Guide / MA Behavioral Disorders

Ketamine Assisted Therapy Certified - Tim Brady

Tim Brady

Anesthesia Professional / Ketamine Assisted Therapy Certified / Journey Guide

Certified Ketamine Journey Guide - Rob Snarskis

Rob Snarskis

Journey Guide

Mathew Helt Mind Body Wellness Center certified journey guide

Matthew Helt

Journey Guide / Ketamine Coach 
Ketamine Coach - Cari Kenney

Cari Kenney

Therapist LCSW / Journey Guide

Ketamine Coach

Pharmacist - Tracy Brady

Tracy Brady

Office Manager / Pharmacist

Certified Ketamine Journey Guide - Carma Roberts

Carma Roberts

Journey Guide / BSN, RN

Psychedelic Assisted Therapist / LMHP - Tori Stegall

Tori Stegall

Psychedelic Assisted Therapist / LMHP

Mind Body Wellness Center Journey Guide

Rick Smith

Psychedelic Assisted Therapist / LMHP/ Journey Guide

Psychedelic Assisted Therapist / LMHP - Aaron Engelbart

Aaron Engelbart

Psychedelic Assisted Therapist / LMHP

Ketamine Coach/Certified Life Coach  - Dave Faber

Dave Faber

Certified Life Coach / Ketamine Coach

Lora MCarville - Journey Guide, Ketamine Coach

Lora MCarville

Journey Guide / Ketamine Coach

AJ Appleby ketamine journey guide MBWC Omaha

AJ Appleby

Journey Guide / Ketamine Coach

Jess Howell - Front Office Manager MBWC

Jess Howell

Front Office Manager

Quinn Krajicek - Marketing Director at Mind Body Wellness Center

Quinn Krajicek

Marketing Director

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