Your Ketamine Treatment Journey

“Turn off your mind, let go, and float down stream.”- John Lennon

Collaboration & Customization

Collaboration of medical and health professionals is essential to gain the most out of IV Ketamine therapy. Although Ketamine alone has shown breakthrough benefits both mentally and physically, the longevity of its benefits could come from what we do before and after each infusion. The intention and integration work with behavioral health professionals, with Ketamine psychotherapy knowledge, is just as important. Mind & Body Wellness Center highly recommends using “Ketamine Coaches” while going through our protocol.  These “coaches” add to the experience ensuring our clients the most out of what they put in. [see the Pricing & Protocols section for pricing details].

Collaboration and Customization

Ketamine Consultation

Ketamine Therapy Consultation

At your consultation, we will cover all of the information regarding your upcoming treatments to ensure you are feeling prepared. We will collect all completed paperwork, discuss our policies and protocols, curate your personalized treatment plan, address any questions you have, and discuss how you can best prepare for your healing journey.

Intravenous Ketamine should be used by experienced providers of the medication. With the expansion of recent research, safe protocols have been established to provide the best benefit for patients.

Common side effects can be controlled with compensating IV medications and supplements keeping the patient safe at all times. The administrator of these medications should also be experienced. Common side effects from Ketamine are increased blood pressure and or heart rate, nausea and enhanced skeletal muscle tone.

Patients with certain preexisting conditions may or may not be able to proceed with Ketamine therapy. Some of those conditions are but are not limited to: severe heart disease, uncontrolled hypertension, Wolf-Parkinson White syndrome, Liver disease, glaucoma, elevated intracranial pressure, patients using MAOI antidepressants, or diagnosed with schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. Regardless, each patient that we visit with will be given compassionate nonjudgemental care.

What to Expect


Check-in and Greeting

You are greeted in the waiting room by an anesthesia provider and your journey guide. We walk you to your room where you will receive your treatment.

Intention Setting and Planning

Intention Setting & Planning

While in your room, we will review what your intentions are. If this is your initial session we will review the procedure. If your treatment is ongoing, we will review how your last session went and confirm your desired dose and plan for this session.

Ketamine Treatment Preparation

Clinical Preparation

The anesthesia professional will place your IV, take your vital signs, and begin prepare your customized ketamine infusion.

Comfortable Ketamine Therapy

Get Comfortable

You’ll settle into your recliner, place a weighted blanket or one of your own, and adjust the pillows. You will be asked to wear eyeshades to help enhance the journey. Music is also a major component of the session. There are many playlists available, but the best playlists are ones that the patient is unfamiliar with. We encourage taking 5-10 minutes of breath work with your guide prior to starting your infusion.

Ketamine Treatment Journey


You’ll feel the effects of the ketamine within 5-10 minutes of starting the infusion. Your guide will ensure a smooth launch as well as monitoring how the chosen dose is working for you throughout your session. The anesthesia provider will safely titrate the infusion while monitoring your vital signs.

Ketamine Recovery and Integration

Recovery & Integration

When the ketamine is finished, you’ll feel yourself ‘coming down’ within minutes. Plan to recover for at least 20-30 minutes, post-treatment for your safety and well-being.

To learn more about what to expect during a Ketamine journey experience listen to the podcast from Back From the Abyss “Ketamine Treatment for Depression: Seven Questions.

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